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1) Payment

* Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept:

1 – All credit cards except American Express.

2 – Payment via PayPal

3 – Payment by wire transfer

4 – Payment cheques and money orders if you live in France.

*Is it secure to use a credit card?

Yes! We use SHERLOCK'S services. Sherlock warrants the protection of your credit card. When you pay online purchases with your credit card, "Latino Dance" processes your transaction through Sherlock. This third party processor ensures a secure and encrypted link. Your credit card is automatically and directly protected by this processor. It’s 100 per cent secure.

* Prices are in dollars. How much does it cost in my country currency?

Please refer to this link for currency conversions: http://www.xe.com/

2) Shipping

* Do you perform international delivery?

Yes, we deliver all over the world.

* How much do you charge for transportation costs?

Delivery is free of charge.

* Why do I sometimes have to pay customs fees and additional taxes when my order is being delivered?

International orders can be subject to additional surcharge or customs fees set by your country government. We are not liable for taxes and duty fees.

* How longdoes it take for an order to be delivered?

You will receive your dress 3 to 5 weeks after receipt of your measurements and payment.

* What carrier do you use?

All orders are sent via "UPS" or "World-courrier" by express delivery with tracking number.



Tracking information will be sent to your email address. Check your inbox and also your spam. Don’t forget to provide us with your phone number, it will be used upon delivery.

3) Potential returns

* Can I return an order?

Yes, if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase. Returns for an exchange, a correction, a modification or a refund are accepted, provided they’re done within 5 days of the delivery date. You’re liable for the returns and the new transportation costs.

You need to contact us to get information on returns.

* How long will it take to be reimbursed?

Your refund will be processed 1 or 2 days after receipt of the item in our warehouses. Refund is immediately credited to your account, and 3 or 4 working days are necessary to complete the transaction.

4) Placing an order

* How can I place an order?

Follow the steps outlined in thesection "How to order".

* I’ve just placed an order, but I didn’t receive any confirmation. How can I be sure that my order has been taken into account?

We answer quickly. Check your spam, and if you haven’t received any confirmation within 24 hours, contact us by email at the following address: Latinodance2008@gmail.com Or latinodance2008@yahoo.fr

* I’ve just placed an order. How can I cancel it?

Contact us quickly by email in order to cancel your order at the following address: Latinodance2008@gmail.com Or latinodance2008@yahoo.fr

* I can’t perform any online purchase. What do I need to do to place my order?

There can be some issues if the billing address doesn’t match the address known by your bank. This is the most frequent issue.

5) My measurements

* I’m not sure about the size of my dress. Can you help me?

Yes, by clicking on the selected model, a measurements table illustrated by a picture will be displayed. Take your measurements and note them in lieu of those in the table.

6) The product

* Where do your products come from?

Most of our products are manufactured in France or Asian countries. The manufacturing site depends on deadlines and available materials.

* Do dresses include bras and leotards (panties)?

All our dresses are manufactured with bras and leotards (panties), unless stated otherwise by you.

You can design your own model. Send us as many pictures as possible of your desired outfit. We will then draw up a quote. We also create outfits for dance schools.

7) Who are you? Is your website the best one?

- We are latin and standard dance competitors, teachers graduated in Europe

- We are professional tailors

Our years of experience and expertise ensure comfortable outfits tailor made for competition. We are ready to advise you at: Latinodance2008@gmail.com Or latinodance2008@yahoo.fr. You will be advised by a tailor and latin and standard dance teacher.

8) Who is TRAN

Daniel TRAN founded his latin and standard dance company in 2008 in Paris. After several years of competition, he graduated as a dance teacher of "Studio feeling dance" in 2006, a very famous dance studio based in the north of Paris. He’s a passionate dancer and renowned as an outstanding outfit manufacturer for dancers.